Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Vulnerability

Can I tell you how it feels to be vulnerable?
Utterly and completely.
To be split down the middle,
With all my love and fears,
Slipping simultaneously, uncontrollably out of my insides.

Do you see all of me,
Feel what I’m feeling, see where I’m coming from?

Do you notice the quickening pace,
Of my heartbeats cadence,
Underneath the rise and fall of my chest,
As my breaths become shorter, more shallow.

Will it ever feel safe,
Will I ever experience freedom in this state?
Or will this glass house crack and crumble under your persuasion?

Will we succumb to joy or pain,
Or are both inevitable outcomes?
To be sure, we will have to continue,
Sojourning through this life together.

I’ll try to fight the urges to reinforce my fortress, if you’ll be gentle.
I’ll sit with my skin as flushed as the flowers on the table,
Again and again, for you, my Achilles heel. 

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